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Act Aspire


Students in grades 9 and 10 will take the ACT Aspire exam in the spring.

This exam is a summative assessment that measures what students have learned in the areas of: English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing. The ACT Aspire is an online assessment. Only a small number of students who require testing in a specialized format such as Braille or large print materials, or those students who require American Sign Language translation will be tested with a paper and pencil test.

ACT Aspire exam scores predict how students will perform on both The ACT and ACT WorkKeys when they reach 11th grade. Students who need academic interventions or challenges can be identified earlier in their high school careers.

Practice Tests

The Student Sandbox provides students an opportunity to become familiar not only with ACT Aspire test questions, but also with navigating the TestNav test platform. Like the Exemplar Test Question Booklets, the Student Sandbox will present at least one test question for each reporting category for a given test. The Student Sandbox should be accessed with a desktop or laptop computer rather than a tablet or smartphone. You must use a browser other than Chrome to use this site (for instance Internet Explorer, or Firefox). To access, click the "Student Sandbox" button at the bottom of the instructions, and use the appropriate login information listed below to sign in.

Student Sandbox Logins

Subject Username Password
English englishEHS actaspire
Math mathEHS actaspire
Reading readingEHS actaspire
Science scienceEHS actaspire
Writing writingEHS actaspire


Exemplar Test Question Booklets

ACT Aspire has developed a booklet for each grade and subject that defines ACT Aspire reporting categories for each test. These booklets present at least one test question aligned to each of the reporting categories on a given test. Depth of Knowledge level (DOK), a description of the task presented by the test question, and a description of the correct response are also provided, along with Improvement Idea Statements to help students build on their current level of skill and knowledge.

Exemplar Test Question Booklets for grades 9 and 10 in PDF format:


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