Due to Snow Days this school year, the following student contact days have been added to this year's calendar------ School will be in session on the following days----- Monday April 17 is now a student contact day - Friday April 28 is now a student contact day -  Friday June 2 is now a student contact day - Thanks for your attention to this change!

Mauston JEDI Virtual School - About Us

JEDI Virtual School

The Mauston JEDI Virtual School serves students in grades K-12.  We provide students with a virtal learning experience where they connect with teachers and move through grade level curriculum from home. Teachers communicate with parents on a regular basis.  Full and part-time options are available. For more information, please contact the school counselors or Jim Dillin.

All courses offered to students of the Mauston JEDI Virtual School are taught by licensed teachers. The curriculum meets the rigor of the Wisconsin State Stancards.  Each JEDI Virtual School student receives personalized attention.  A learning coach is assigned to each student through the JEDI program, and a Personal Education Plan is developed to meet each student's needs.

Please visit the JEDI Virtual School website to learn more about this online learning opportunity.

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