Due to Snow Days this school year, the following student contact day has been added to this year's calendar------ School will be in session on the following day----- Friday June 2 is now a student contact day - Thanks for your attention to this change!

JEDI Virtual School
JEDI offers personalized attention to JEDI Virtual students through trained learning coaches and individualized learning plans. 
The school provides learners the flexibility to go to school anytime and virtually anywhere they can access the internet. 
Furthermore, each course is taught by a licensed teacher, who teaches to the needs of EACH student individually, so students  receive the absolute highest quality education , allowing them to receive a diploma that will be recognized at any institution of higher education.
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  • Lyndon Station
  • 201 Hoehn Drive, Lyndon Station, WI 53944
  • Phone: (608)666-2431
  • Fax: (608)666-2510
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