Due to Snow Days this school year, the following student contact days have been added to this year's calendar------ School will be in session on the following days----- Monday April 17 is now a student contact day - Friday April 28 is now a student contact day -  Friday June 2 is now a student contact day - Thanks for your attention to this change!

Learning Home

iLead - Learning Home

Why iLEAD?

Innovation and entrepreneurship is at the heart of our school. iLead provides a skill-based education that challenges students to think critically, be creative, and communicate effectively in a collaborative manner.

iLEAD allows students to learn the way they learn best, and to focus on things that interest them—making learning more engaging, fun, and personally relevant. Students learn the core curriculum that will prepare them for college or a career, but also discover leadership and other important 21st Century Skills. Students are challenged—and the result is that they, and our communities, benefit.

Who Is An iLEAD Student?

iLEAD students are curious about the world around them. They’re willing to follow their passions. They’re interested in getting out in the community, trying new technologies, and owning their learning. Above all—iLEAD students aren’t afraid to try. Are you, or is someone you know an iLEAD student?


In order to be innovators, students need access to technologies that allow them to explore, research, communicate, and collaborate.  Students at iLEAD use real-world technologies to solve real-world problems.  From computer software to video equipment, welding materials to communications devices—students’ needs drive the technologies we require. As students work with teachers to network with our regional partners to get access to the materials they need, they learn valuable communication and networking skills.


An integral part of iLEAD is our community involvement.  Each student is actively involved in our community as part of our project-based and place-based philosophy. Through community involvement, whether it’s working with local business owners or leading a service project, students begin to understand the connection they have to our community, and the value they bring in making the community a better place. 

In the iLEAD framework, community experts act as mentors and help provide valuable insights throughout students’ projects.  These same experts may also sit on a panel as students present project ideas and learning goals; or at the end of the project, when students present the culmination of their learning.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Leadership and entrepreneurship are the foundational pieces of iLEAD.  Through individual, group, and community projects, students are encouraged to grow their leadership skills and develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Many forms of leadership opportunities are incorporated into students' individual learning plans, such as working in large and small groups to experience different types of leadership roles.

Cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit in students requires that they understand their leadership style, develop critical thinking skills, and also are willing to take risks. While students may not create an invention or develop a business plan for each project, iLEAD helps provide them the background knowledge to do so if they choose.  Students are also taught to be intra-preneurs—those individuals who can go to work for another business or company and be a valuable, creative employee-leader. iLEAD students take ownership for their ideas and put them into an action plan.
If they experience stumbling blocks along the way, iLEAD provides the educational support to teach and empower students to re-think, re-learn, re-design, and try again.  The ability to learn how to overcome obstacles is key to cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit in our students.
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