Due to Snow Days this school year, the following student contact days have been added to this year's calendar------ School will be in session on the following days----- Monday April 17 is now a student contact day - Friday April 28 is now a student contact day -  Friday June 2 is now a student contact day - Thanks for your attention to this change!


Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do I apply to iLEAD Charter School?
        Answer:  Download and complete the application, found here.
Can students still participate in classes at the high school?
        Answer:  Yes as determined by their ILP.  Examples include: band, choir, art, welding, and foreign language.
Will iLEAD use volunteers?
        Answer:  Yes, iLEAD plans on utilizing community members in their areas of expertise linked to the student’s ILP. Other volunteer opportunities will be made available  once the school is opened.
Will iLEAD have its own School Board?
        Answer:  As a charter school iLEAD is required by law to have a separate governing body separate from the School District of Mauston Board of Education.  The Governance Council will have regularly                     scheduled meetings with posted agendas.  Their primary purpose is to ensure that the vision of iLEAD is followed and they provide the accountability to the School District of Mauston Board of Education.
What if a student has successfully earned high school credits, can they come in their senior year and complete projects?
        Answer:  Yes.  Students are eligible to remain at iLEAD throughout their traditional Senior year.  Students who choose to complete projects may also choose to complete the leadership certificate credential             from our technical college partner.
If a student doesn’t do well, can they come in and out?
        Answer:  As a public school, it is iLEAD’s responsibility to educate all the students that come through its doors.  Our goal is to provide an environment where all kids can achieve and feel successful.  However,           iLEAD may encounter a student that is just not a good fit.  That student and parent may choose to return to the common school. iLEAD is not a program that students can go in and out of.  iLEAD is a school              that requires an educational commitment from its students and their parents.
Is iLEAD planning to pursue outside funding?
        Answer:  Yes.  One of the responsibilities of the Governance Council will be to seek funding and partners for iLEAD.  There are many opportunities for us to be recognized nationally for our unique approach to           teaching and learning, but our Governance Council will need to actively pursue those outside sources.  The School District of Mauston will also provide funding sources for iLEAD.
Are iLEAD students eligible for extra-curriculars?
        Answer:  Yes.  iLEAD students are students of the School District of Mauston and will have the same opportunity to participate in clubs, organizations and sports as the other students in the School District of           Mauston.  iLEAD students may also decide to start their own organizations or clubs.
Will students have to reapply each year?
        Answer:  Once a student is accepted into iLEAD they are offered automatic readmission for the subsequent years unless they choose to enroll back into the common school.  Open enrollment students who              are iLEAD students would need to follow open enrollment guidelines regarding reapplication, but their enrollment at iLEAD would not necessarily be impacted by their reapplication through open enrollment.
Is there a scenario where someone might choose to come to the charter but not get in?
        Answer:  Yes.  If iLEAD receives more applicants than fit into the 35 available spots, there will be a lottery to fill the available spots.  The lottery process is required by the State of Wisconsin.  iLEAD’s lottery           process will be done simultaneously for both in-district and open enrollment students until the available 35 slots are filled.
Will you be marketing to an area outside of Mauston?
        Answer:  Yes.  Because iLEAD is a public school, it is open to all students.  We are marketing our school in our area as well as the areas surrounding Mauston.  Students from outside the School District of                Mauston will be required to apply for open enrollment to the School District of Mauston.  Keep in mind that if more students apply than we have available slots for, a priority waiting list will be established.                     Students can only be considered for the priority list if they are attending a school within the School District of Mauston.  This means that if you are an open enrollment student not selected for iLEAD initially, you         must continue your open enrollment in Mauston in order to be placed on the priority list for any available slots that would become available later.  
        *Because open enrollment can be a confusing process, you may wish to contact us to ask further, more specific questions and get a personal answer to your question.
How will teachers be trained to teach in the iLEAD school?
        Answer:  Staff at iLEAD will be trained in entrepreneurship as well as project-based learning by using experts in the field.  Those experts are already available to us through the Wisconsin Charter School                  Association, and from other well-known, premier charter schools both in Wisconsin and in other parts of the country. Appropriate training is an absolute priority for the staff at iLEAD.  who will continue their                  training even after the school is open in Fall 2011.  Keeping current on the latest in technology and learning will be essential for the staff.
How might iLEAD affect my kids’ ACT score and college entrance?
        Answer:  iLEAD’s educational focus is aligned to the ACT standards as well as State and National Standards.  Each student will take the appropriate level of the three components of the ACT:  Explore, Plan or         ACT/COMPASS*, ultimately taking the ACT/COMPASS in the Junior or Senior year.  Information from the student’s Explore, Plan, and/or ACT scores will be used to develop their Individualized Learning Plans and            also assist them in selecting the appropriate standards to address in each of their projects.  Our goal at iLEAD is to have all of our students be college and career ready.
        *COMPASS is the entrance exam used by the Wisconsin Technical College System.
Will iLEAD students graduate with their common school peers?
        Answer:  They may if they choose.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in the graduation ceremony at Mauston High School.  However, a ceremony for iLEAD Charter School may also be made              available should the graduating students request it.
What would the pathway to graduation look like?
        Answer:  Each student’s ILP will be developed within the frameworks of the State and National Standards.  Students are evaluated based on meeting or exceeding these standards. They will also be evaluated          on their 21st Century Skills acquired and mastered during each project.  Their standard proficiency is then translated to a letter grade, and course equivalent, that is accepted as a “transcript” by employers,             technical schools, colleges, universities, and the armed services.
What would a typical school day be like at iLEAD Charter School?  One option provided.
        Answer:  8-8:15  Morning Meeting, check in with community
                        8:15-8:45  Advisory, individual progress checks, updates
                        8:45-9:45  Core Curriculum area, Math and Reading
                        9:45-11  Project work time
                        11-11:45 Lunch
                        11:45-12:15 Journaling and refocussing
                        12:15-3:20  Project work time
How does the school decide who is admitted?
        Answer:  Students and parents that are interested in iLEAD Charter School will attend an informational meeting and an orientation before final enrollment is determined. We are committed to making certain              that iLEAD is the right fit for both students and parents.
Who qualifies to attend iLEAD?
        Answer:  Because iLEAD Charter School is a free, public school, it is open to all students.  Students from outside the School District of Mauston must apply for open enrollment.
How many kids will be accepted to begin with?
        Answer:  A total of 30-35 students representing grades 7-12.
Where will the iLEAD school be located?
        Answer:  Mauston, Wisconsin - within the high school
Will kids get enough English/Language Arts?
        Answer:  Project Based Learning relies on the students taking responsibility for their own learning.  They need to demonstrate proficiency in all academic areas.  All projects will have language components, the           only difference is that the students will have ownership in choosing the resources and methods they use to show their learning.
Aren’t some charters taught by non-traditional teachers?
        Answer:  Yes, iLEAD plans on utilizing community members in their areas of expertise. It makes sense that students should be able to consult with individuals in the community who solve real world problems.
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