Due to Snow Days this school year, the following student contact day has been added to this year's calendar------ School will be in session on the following day----- Friday June 2 is now a student contact day - Thanks for your attention to this change!

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) plays a vital role in a school’s overall learning atmosphere; from SMART Boards in the classrooms and individual devices, such as iPads and Chromebooks, to how libraries are utilized.  Libraries have continued to change over the years, to the point where now we refer to them as LMTC’s (Library Media Technology Centers).  With all of the technological advances in today’s ever-changing world, children also need be aware of their digital footprints, which is why schools now are incorporating information on Digital Citizenship (find more information by clicking the link on the left).  Because of these technological advances, it is important that we as a school district incorporate IT in our classroom learning discussions and the future of our schools.

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