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WI Global Scholars

Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC)

GEAC is a new offering at Mauston High School and the state of Wisconsin. Graduating high school students who have demonstrated a strong interest in global citizenship by successfully completing a global education curriculum and engaging in co-curricular activities and experiences that foster the development of global competencies will be recognized at MHS graduation and by the state of Wisconsin.
Graduating seniors may be awarded the distinction of Wisconsin Global Scholar if they have completed the following requirements:
  • Four (4) credits in one world language.
  • Four (4) credits in courses with global content. One of those credits may be one year of a second world language.
  • Reflections on eight books (fiction or nonfiction) with global content. Alternately, up to four reflections may be on art, music, or film.
  • Participation in school-wide global activities.
  • A minimum of twenty (20) hours of global service learning.
The four criteria for earning the certificate are summarized in the grid here. Please note, this is subject to change.
MHS Faculty Mentors working with Global Scholars Candidates include: Mr. Felska, Mr. Lavold, Ms.Casey, Ms. Luke, Ms. Cook, Ms. Hansen, and Ms. Taake. If you have questions about GEAC, please ask Ms. Luke who is currently serving as the district’s GEAC Coordinator.
You may also visit this website for more detailed information from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Click on the GEAC link.
Check out this link to a You Tube video that explains the program as well.
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