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MAP Programs

Mauston Alternative Programming Graduation Pathways:

If the traditional high school setting is not working for you or your student, please contact one of Mauston High School's  counselors for an application to any of our MAP programs.


The ROADS program is a competency-based diploma for students who prefer to work in a hands-on learning environment and are at least a junior in high school.
ROADS is a rigorous curriculum aligned to  the Wisconsin State Academic Standards, Common Core Curriculum, and Wisconsin State high school graduation requirements.
ROADS students complete 60 competencies in language arts, social studies, math, and science.  Students must complete competencies with a minimum 80% accuracy rate. Each competency includes a culminating project.  Students may receive credit for competencies completed from a prior high school setting that were awarded through traditional credits. 
Lastly, students prepare a portfolio to present to the Graduation Board prior to graduation.
ROADS is a self-paced program in which the student’s graduation date is based on completion of competencies, rather than a traditional school year timeline.
Students in ROADS attend school half days, five days a week.


The GEDO (GED Option 2) program is an accelerated alternative education program designed for students age 17-20 who have not been successful in the traditional high school setting.
Students earn their Mauston High School diploma though completion of GED tests.  Additionally, students work on employability, technology, reading and writing skills.
GEDO students are required to participate in service learning that takes place during instructional time.  Service projects are both individual and group based.
Students also create a graduation portfolio summarizing their goals and achievements not only in the GEDO program, but in their lives. This portfolio is presented to the Graduation Board.
Students in GEDO attend classes half days five days a week in the ROADS classroom at Mauston High School.



JEDI offers personalized attention to JEDI Virtual students through trained learning coaches and individualized learning plans. 
The school provides learners the flexibility to go to school anytime and virtually anywhere they can access the internet. 
Furthermore, each course is taught by a licensed teacher, who teaches to the needs of EACH student individually, so students  receive the absolute highest quality education , allowing them to receive a diploma that will be recognized at any institution of higher education.


iLead Charter School

iLEAD Charter School—a school of innovation and technology that focuses on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Academic Discovery! iLEAD Charter School is a public school option, for students in grades 7-12.
iLEAD Charter School is a student-centered, project-based school. Relationships within the school, community, and region are at the foundation of iLEAD’s leadership and entrepreneurial vision. iLEAD Charter School promises to engage its students through rigorous and relevant curriculum to well-prepare iLEAD students for the college and career demands of the 21st Century.
Creative-minded students who are interested in digging deeper into their areas of interest, and enjoy learning in fun and innovative ways will thrive at iLEAD. Caring and civic-minded individuals who want to develop local and global community projects will blossom at iLEAD. Parents who want to ensure their child is challenged and ready for what the 21st Century holds should enroll their children at iLEAD Charter School.


Challenge Academy

The Wisconsin National Guard ChalleNGe Academy is a 17-month program for at-risk youth ages 16 years 9 months through 18. Academy cadets complete a 22-week residential phase during which the cadets can earn their High School Equivalency Diploma and change their outlooks and viewpoints on life and character.
During the 22-week residential phase cadets learn to put together a Post-Residential Action Plan (PRAP) with the help of staff members assigned to each cadet. This plan will give them a road map for their future. Following the residential phase each cadets participates in a 12-month post-residential phase where the cadets go on to jobs, post-secondary education, or military service. During the post-residential phase the cadets meet regularly with their adult mentors and work to put into service the values and concepts learned during their 22-week schooling.
Cadets come from all socioeconomic groups and all backgrounds, but all must be at-risk youth as defined by the State of Wisconsin. Traditionally cadets are high school drop-outs, habitual truants, expelled students, or students critically deficient in credits. Cadets must be free of drugs, mentally and physically healthy, not on probation and not be awaiting sentencing, be convicted of, or have charges pending for a felony.


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