Due to Snow Days this school year, the following student contact day has been added to this year's calendar------ School will be in session on the following day----- Friday June 2 is now a student contact day - Thanks for your attention to this change!


Students in Grades 9-12

Students at Mauston High School participate in a number of different assessments over their four years. 
  • The ACT Aspire, which is in the same family of tests as the ACT, is taken by all of our students in the spring of their freshman and sophomore years.  
  • In the 2015-16 School year all Juniors will take the ACT and then ACT WorkKeys in March.
    For more information about WorkKeys see the following WorkKeys Update PowerPoint.
  • The Social Studies Portion of the Forward Exam will be taken by students in 10th grade.

Many students will elect to take the PSAT (Pre-SAT) for scholarship applications.  Although the ACT will be taken by all Juniors this year, any student who wishes to take the ACT a 2nd or 3rd time may still sign up to take it on a Saturday as it has been done in the past.  The ACT, and/or SAT are used for entry to technical schools, 2-year colleges, and 4-year colleges. Students also take Advanced Placement (AP) exams following AP courses for possible college credit. 

Many of these assessments provide students and parents with reports that can help guide students to improve their performance. School counselors meet with students and families to share this information and help students with career and college planning during the freshman and junior years. Please see individual assessment pages for more information and additional resources that help make the information gained from these assessments useful.
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