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Michelle Bittick

Michelle Bittick
Michelle Bittick Email
ELL Coordinator/ Math Intervention Teacher
Phone: (608)847-5451 ext. 6690

 I am the Math Instructional Coach and English Language Learner Coordinator for the School District of Mauston.  

As an instructional coach, I work directly with teachers and administration.  I work individually and in teacher teams to assist with lesson delivery, understanding of the math standards, strategies to improve instruction, and collaborate on data to help analyze student needs.  I work with all administrators to support their school goals in mathematics.  

As the ELL Coordinator, I support our district's Second Language Learners.  I work with their teachers on strategies to help our ELL students achieve.  I am also responsible for testing these students on their English language acquisition and report back to parents with their yearly progress.

I was born and raised in Madison and graduated from East High.  I began UW-Madison shortly before my marriage in 1976, but we moved to Texas soon thereafter. I completed my degree at the University of Texas-Austin.  I began teaching in Austin in 1984.  I taught in elementary and middle school for 18 years.  In 2002, I was asked to become a Math/Science Instructional Coach in a middle school. I remained in this position until retirement in 2009.  My Austin responsibilities included instructional leader, math department chair, leadership team, professional development trainer, curriculum writer, Gifted and Talented liaison, ELL teacher, lead teacher mentor and was named Middle School Teacher of the Year.

I began working in the Mauston Schools in August, ‘09.  I am proud to work in this district and live in this area.  Our home is just outside Lyndon Station, a nice change from the hustle and bustle of a large city.  I enjoy working with the staff and the wonderful children we instruct.  I embrace the title "Math Lady" given to me by our youngest mathematicians.

I very much believe that all students are capable of significant mathematics.  Some concepts are easier than others. Some topics are more complicated or take longer to grasp.  Encourage math practice. Learning from mistakes is important, and we occasionally need to struggle.  Be open to alternative ways to solve problems because we all have different ways to write, read and visualize the world.  Math is no different.  

"May Your Life Be Like Arithmetic:

Joys Added -
Sorrows Subtracted -
Friends Multiplied -
Love Un-Divided "

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