Due to Snow Days this school year, the following student contact days have been added to this year's calendar------ School will be in session on the following days----- Monday April 17 is now a student contact day - Friday April 28 is now a student contact day -  Friday June 2 is now a student contact day - Thanks for your attention to this change!

Annual Report

The School District of Mauston along with our Board of Education held their Annual School District Meeting on August 22, 2016.  Below you will find resources and information that was shared during the meeting.

Resources & Information

Superintendent's Report
Please click the link to view Dr. Christine Weymouth's Report from the 2016 Annual Meeting
Annual Report Meeting Booklet
Please click the link to view the Report Booklet that was shared at the 2016 Annual Meeting

Presentation of 2016-17 Budget

Julie Lankey-Smallwood's Powerpoint Presentation
Julie Lankey-Smallwood's Powerpoint Presentation
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